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With the objective to consistently provide value, businesses and their software need to adapt together. Software Development, App Development, Mobile App Development, and Programme Design are the ways that Mindcraft infotech promotes commercial agility. Exceptional and clever mobile apps are provided by Mindcraft infotech, a Lucknow software development company. It is intended to attract hundreds of millions of users globally through design and construction. With the use of cutting-edge mobile application development, we have assisted numerous businesses in realising their objectives and comprehend yours.

Mindcraft Infotech - Software Development Company in Lucknow!

We develop solutions that truly suit the preferences of your audience with the help of a team of elite mobile app and software development specialists. We evaluate your concepts for this, combine them with our ideal mixture of creativity and technology, and bring them to life. Our team of professionals is constantly innovating to provide well-established businesses and startups with something special. In the shortest amount of time, Mindcraft Infotech, a Lucknow software development company, helps businesses achieve immense success.


Mobile App Development

Our developers are experts with a great deal of training. These professionals are fully aware of what to do and how difficult tasks should be finished. They are proficient in the backend as well, but we also have a team of outstanding UI designers that can add a whole new dimension to your application. Our team is prepared to provide you with the application you desire and speaks every language fluently. We can help you with Java, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript, and other programming languages as well. After all, there's a good reason why we're the best software development company in Lucknow. In order to maintain our competitive edge in the market, we are ready to offer you the greatest products and services.

iOS App Development

iPhones have sparked a new wave of technological advancements across the globe. The iPhone and its iOS-based apps are used by a vast number of people worldwide. For this reason, if you want more people to use your application, you can also release an iOS version. You don't need to worry because you have the Best Software Company in Lucknow taking care of everything. Our speciality is creating applications that are simple to integrate with Apple hardware. Using the newest technologies, including Objective-C, Ruby, Swift, and others, our highly productive development team strives to make your application exceptional. They can create a business application that you will undoubtedly adore.

Android App Development

Our team of developers has decades of experience. They have even completed some amazing work for very large industries, including e-commerce, social media connectivity, logistics, and food delivery apps, among others. We are competent in a range of application development domains. Travel, social media, or any eCommerce application—we can handle it all. In addition to designing and developing Android applications, we also provide API integration, testing, and optimisation services.


Mindcraft Infotech is a Lucknow-based software development business that offers outstanding return on investment. Our mobile app solutions and distinctive programme design maximise engagement. We wish to assume greater accountability and put in more effort to deliver the greatest websites and software development available on a global scale. We offer three crucial elements as the leading software provider in Lucknow. Our app will be ROI-focused, error-free, and aesthetically pleasing. Through our track record of success over the last eight years, we have become the most reputable software development company in Lucknow.


Seven steps to launch a Lucknow software development company

Do you know how to start a Lucknow software development company? Allow me to explain a few simple steps that will surprises you.

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Why hire a Software Development Company in Lucknow

Hiring a software development company is not very tough if you are planning well. It is easy to do software business than others if and everything is working out as intended. If you are only a programmer, you must not go for a Mindcraft infotech Software Development Company in Lucknow. You must know every aspect. But one thing is to remember that you have take a clear idea of sales and marketing.
So it is very much necessary to study every detail about setting up a Software Development Company in Lucknow and then you can opt-out for hiring personnel.
Design Solution & Pattern
Design Solution & Pattern


There is a common belief that custom software development costs a lot of time, money, and resources. From big-scale enterprises to medium-sized businesses, almost every organization is wary of developing a tailored software solution.

However, the benefits of custom-built software are manifold. Our enterprise software development is fully secure without any risk of data breach or theft. Custom-made software leads to increased flexibility, which means high scalability and enhanced business productivity.

Being your tech partner, we create intuitive websites that facilitate seamless user interactions. Mindcraft Infotech also helps maintain, and updation of the software as your business keeps on growing and evolving.


Consultation and Planning

We prefer to actively collaborate with your company to develop a mutual understanding of the obstacles you must overcome. Following appropriate discussions about your company’s mission, vision, objectives, and difficulties, we get to work developing the best software solution for you.

Technical Analysis

Once we have gathered all information about your business, our expert software engineers idealize the best possible solutions for your enterprise. Before we move onto the designing phase, we decide the core features and functionalities of the software along with its estimated timeline for delivery.

Technical Analysis

Designing the architecture for the software is the next step. We ply for a fast and independent development process using microservices that work best for your business.

Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototypes are samples or models of the software which is to be developed. It isn’t the final product, but rather a demonstration of how it would look and feel. Prototyping helps in saving time and money as the software’s early evaluation leads to precision in the final product. Once the bugs in the prototypes are identified and corrected, we move on to the coding phase of the software.

Quality Assurance

During the development of the product, our quality assurance experts keep a watchful eye on the performance of the software. During this phase, bugs and other issues are identified and fixed by our testing engineers. We leave nothing to chance in ensuring that the final result is a flawless product.

Maintenance and Support

For the paramount satisfaction of our clients and flawless performance of the software, we provide our support and maintenance services after the final software has been deployed. We ensure that our product stays in peak shape post-launch with regular discussions and software updates.